How to stay lean on vacation

Hi everyone! I’m writing from Washington D.C. after a week in the Caribbean, which means I am half way through my vacation (boo!). When I was planning my vacation after months of hard work and healthy eating, I have to admit I was nervous about finding time to workout and having clean eating options. Luckily, so far so good, so if you’re packing your bags be sure to keep on reading for the top tips I have for staying lean.

  • Start your day off right– Instead of sleeping in until noon and dragging yourself out of bed, wake up at eight or nine to feel energized. Start off your morning with a glass of lemon water to hydrate your body and draw out toxins before completing some simple stretches or gentle yoga. Sleeping in every once in a while is totally fine (you are on vacation after all), but waking up earlier makes you more in tune with the earth’s natural cycles and is linked to less stress and better planning skills.
  • Utilize your vacation spot– Most resorts and cruise ships have at least some form of a fitness center or gym, so use it! My cruise offered cheap fitness classes, which was a fun and easy way to try something new while squeezing in my workout to my busy day. Fitness classes are also a good way for your entire travel squad to workout together and meet new people. If you aren’t sure if your hotel has a fitness center, ask! If not, take advantage of your surroundings. Go on a jog and see some local scenery, do a quick HIIT workout on the beach, bring a yoga mat to your hotel room, or even look for hiking/biking opportunities around town. Every destination has something exciting to offer, so even if it isn’t your usual daily grind at the gym, you can mix things up and still break a sweat.
  • Make good choices– This one is easier said than done. I walked aboard the massive cruise ship and was greeted by an (almost) 24/7 buffet filled with desserts, pizza, fries, burgers…everything. However, it also had fruit, vegetables, and plenty of low-carb options. Of course on vacation it is totally necessary to spoil yourself, but making sure your plate is colorful at each meal will help you eat well while not packing on the pounds. If you’re vegan/vegetarian/gf/sf/etc., ask restaurants about what options they have! Another easy way to keep yourself from overeating or sacrificing your gut health is to pack snacks of your own, such as protein bars, fruit, or nuts. If you’re constantly eating out on your trip, check out my article on eating healthy while dining out for more tips!

I hope you all enjoyed this article and got some helpful ideas. Have a fun and safe vacation! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@liveyoulivewell) and subscribe so you never miss an article. Please like/comment/share!


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