Thought bubble: Pessimism

As we turn on our televisions and click on news stories online, we’re often greeted by hate and death. It can be easy to be negative and accept what is being presented, but we still shouldn’t succumb to pessimism.

I often see my peers online talking about what is “wrong with the world” and that “humans suck,” but this line of thinking won’t solve or help anything. Although hate exists, so does love. The world is filled with humans as well as our years of influences. Whether we like it or not, we have positive and negative impacts both on each other and the environment. Instead of putting each other down and looking down upon our world as a whole, we should love it and each other. Even the simplest of actions, like smiling at someone on the street, make your community a better place. It sounds cliché, sure, but you never know until you try it.

As humans, we are the keys to change and progress and discovery- why should we not be the keys to love as well?


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