Thought bubble: Father’s Day

This thought bubble segment will be a little different than all my others as I won’t be giving my thoughts on Father’s Day in general, but will share what it means to me personally in the form of a letter to my father! A big thank you to all of the amazing dads out there this holiday!


Happy Father’s Day! I think it’s silly that only one day is dedicated to each parent per year because of how much you do year round without reward. I want to say thank you- truly- for everything. Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about picking my shoes up off the floor after I get home from school and taking out the trash so I don’t have to. I’m talking about everything from teaching me to drive (yikes!) to working every day so we can have a home. With so many of my peers lacking the love and friendship from their dad that I am SO very blessed to share with you, not a day goes by that I am not thankful. Thank you for obsessing over Kohl’s with me, encouraging my love for writing, making me laugh, and always putting a smile on my face.

Love you always,


(Photo credits to CrossCards!)


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