Top 5 workout essentials

Working out can be fun, but with so many items on the market claiming to be “the best” for your summer body goals, it can be hard to know what exactly you need for a good workout and where to get it from. My top five essentials cover you from head to toe on the things you actually need for anything from a jog around the block to a full body session at the gym!

  1. Shoes– I cannot stress this one enough! No matter what kind of workout you’re doing (unless you’re a swimmer) you need a great shoe to do it. Sports apparel stores even make narrowing what you need down easy by categorizing them under “running” or “training”. With any kind of activity, you need a comfortable shoe with support- and it doesn’t hurt if it looks cool. I recently got a new pair of Nikes that I already love! They’re stylish and provide enough support. Personally, I have one foot with an arch and the other…not so much. I had another brand of sneaker before this purchase, but when I started having some ankle problems I knew I needed a newer and more supportive sneaker. A good shoe can help you avoid strains and other injuries, so make sure you have some before you start a workout regime! You can check out the ones I love here.
  2. Water Bottle– Hydration, people! It is hot- especially down here in Texas! Not only can dehydration do a toll on your body internally, but it also makes it much harder to stay energized for your workout. If you aren’t drinking enough water, you probably won’t see the results you want, either. I’ve tried several different brands, but Corckcicle definitely beat all of the others out for me. They have a wide variety of styles, colors, and actually keep the water cold as promised. Camelbak bottles are extremely popular, but when I had one it was pretty terrible at keeping water cold and it would sweat everywhere, so I can’t recommend one like that.
  3. Shorts– Another obvious one, but you have to know what to wear when you work out! Keep it simple, but wear what makes you (and your workout) comfortable. I usually opt for Nike shorts or a spandex short. Although Nike can be a bit pricy, usually there are sales on the shorts or special offers since they’re so popular. They don’t ride up and they’re very breathable, also coming in a huge variety of prints! I usually get my bras from Victoria’s Secret, which has some great picks, too. As far as cheaper options, I do have some gear from Forever 21’s new workout line and I think they’re a very good option if you want to spend a little less.
  4. Workout/Yoga Mat– Landing on a soft mat is way better than landing on a hard floor for your ankles and knees! It also takes the ease off your back during an ab workout, so I strongly suggest getting a mat. It also makes working out easy because you can take this to parks, the gym, or even on vacation. I linked a good one already, but you can also find plenty of these at Target or a Sports apparel store.
  5. Hair ties/Headband– There is nothing more annoying then being one lap into your daily run and having hair slip and fall right in your face. To prevent that, find some good, tight hair ties like these or wear a cute headband to hold back any strays! The headbands I liked are also moisture wicking, which is a major bonus.

Hope you enjoyed this article! All you need is some good gear and you’re on your way to an excellent workout. Please subscribe all the way at the bottom of the page so you don’t miss posts like this one!

(Post contains affiliate links. That being said, I would never recommend anything I don’t genuinely believe is an asset or awesome thing to own! All goes towards maintaining this blog.)


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