What I eat in a day

Hi everyone! I get a lot of questions on social media and in real life on what “diet” I follow, so I decided to type this up to give some clarification and advice! I’ll probably mention this 1,000 times, but I don’t follow one single set of rules or fit under one umbrella with what I eat.**

Generally speaking, I have the good old fashioned three meals a day. However, I have a couple of breakfasts that I rotate around and some of them are more filling than others, so sometimes it’s only two meals a day. My breakfasts (with the exception of an egg stir fry I make from time to time) are always made up of mostly fruit with an egg or almond/peanut butter serving as my protein. I do eat low carb, but I do not keep track of the carbs in fruits and vegetables because I believe that regardless of the amount of carbs, they are a great fuel for my body and keep me very energized. The low carb part comes into play in that I very, very rarely eat bread of any kind, including hamburger buns, toast, tortillas, French fries/white potatoes, pastries, and pancakes/waffles. These carb dense foods not only make me nauseous/bloated, but they make me very tired and I don’t like the effects that they have on my body. I do, however, make exceptions for cakes on special occasions (but who doesn’t?!).

Because of my low carb and higher fat diet (the fat coming from foods like avocados, meat, and oils) I often classify myself as Paleo. The Paleo Diet focuses on eating nutrient dense foods such as meats, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, while avoiding processed foods, added sugars, grains, legumes, and dairy. Like in any diet or lifestyle, many Paleo followers have different takes on what you can and cannot eat when it comes to grains, legumes, and dairy. Personally, I’ve cut out most dairy except for high quality yogurts or in baking. I am low carb, but I do eat oats or multigrain bread from time to time in order to kick up the amount of fiber I’m getting and keep variety in my diet. Rice and beans I never ate too many of anyway, so they have naturally stayed in a very small quantity. What I like about the Paleo Diet is it’s emphasis on not calorie tracking, restricting, or planning. While meal prepping is helpful, building my diet around the Paleo guidelines has allowed me to feel my best, explore new recipes, and not worry about the quantity I’m eating because I know everything going in is beneficial in some way to my body and its functioning.

Lastly, I pull inspiration from veganism and vegetarianism into my diet. If you read my article about why I didn’t eat red meat for forty days, then you already know how I feel a little bit about the benefits of these types of lifestyles, but basically I love all things vegetarian and/or vegan! I think that both lifestyles are built on very compassionate principles and are extremely beneficial to our environment. There are some amazing recipes and more and more options available in stores and at restaurants to follow these diets, which makes it easier, and I do try to have around three to five meals a week that are vegetarian/vegan. Sometimes, it’s even about ten meals a week! For all of you wondering why I haven’t just gone vegan or vegetarian, I think I’ll do a blurb on that soon, but I am interested in trying a vegan/vegetarian seven day challenge, so let me know your thoughts on that in the comments below…

I hope that this article helped you get to know me and my habits a bit more! I find that I feel my best when I combine sustainable eating, like vegetarianism, with the high fat low carb diets, but everyone’s body works differently. By not sticking concretely to one diet or one lifestyle, I’ve gotten to explore my own personal preferences, body, and kitchen skills! 

**Remember that my results and eating habits may not be the best option for each individual’s body. Take care of yourself always! Subscribe below!**



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