Three ways to drink more water

Water makes up the majority of our planet and our bodies, but can often be overlooked when it comes to health. At least, it was for me. Before starting my health journey and zeroing in on what my body truly needs (as opposed to that Wendy’s frosty I wanted) I used to drink less than three glasses of water a day. Crazy! Water is a key factor to healthy skin, energized muscles, kidney function, and can help maintain/lose weight. If that doesn’t convince you to drink more of it- maybe the ideas in this article will.

  1. Buy an infuser– Not only does having some flavor in your water make it more interesting, infusing it with fruit has a ton of benefits! Lemons are a common infused fruit because they are metabolism boosters, can aid in digestion, and add an energizing flavor. Other fruits, such as blueberries, are antioxidants, meaning they can help ward off pesky colds and viruses. Once I started adding fruit into my water it became easier and easier to reach for my glass of water instead of a sweet tea or soda and it’s easy to mix and match different flavors. My infuser has a

    Define Infuser

    detachable bottom that I can freeze, along with a filter on the lid so no small fruits or seeds come through. I find this is better than infusers with removable chambers because you can fit more in when the entire bottle is the infuser. With any water bottle, especially infusers, you have to make sure you tighten the lid really well because for some reason they are more leak prone than regular bottles. You can pick up a good infuser here

  2. Use an app– If you check your phone as much as I do (be honest, guys) then using an app is an easy way to remind yourself to grab a water. I use my Fitbit app, which allows me to set a goal for how much water I want to drink and is super convenient and easy because my Fitbit tracks my steps and activity, too, but there are other apps that are similar if you don’t have a Fitbit. If you think you may want one, though, I totally recommend it because everything from sleep patterns to water are in one place…you can read more about that here. Anyway, there are also apps like Plant Nanny, in which you grow your own cute plant with the amount of water you drink- which is fun and also slightly traumatizing if your plant…well, you know. My Water Balance is also another app that tracks water and other drink intakes and I have not personally tried that one, but it gets great reviews, so let me know if you use it!
  3.  Drink it before anything else– My main motivation for drinking more water was to assist with my weight loss goal and I knew I couldn’t do that with sweet tea and diet sodas standing in my way. I’m a firm believer in everything in moderation (although I haven’t had either of those in a few months now that I think on it), but if you’re a morning coffee drinker or a soda at dinner kind of person, try drinking a glass of water before your usual. This is an easy way to make sure you’re drinking more water and it also can make cutting out the soda, juices, and heavily sweetened drinks easier once you get used to more H2O.

 I hope you enjoyed these tips and try them out! If you liked this article, you can subscribe below to receive updates and be sure to check out my weight-loss tips.


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