Spring giveaway announcement

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! I would first like to say thank you for all of the support I have received for my blog. It’s only been running for about three months and I’ve gotten an amazing amount of people who are not only subscribed, but have reached out to me to tell me that they look forward to my posts, which makes my heart smile! As promised, since my Instagram (@liveyoulivewell) has reached one hundred followers, I’ll be doing a spring giveaway! I will be posting a picture on Instragram once the actual giveaway contest is happening, so make sure you follow me to get updates so you don’t miss it! Also, if you subscribe to my blog at the bottom of this page, you’ll get the announcement and you’ll get to see what you can win a day early!

I’ve teamed up with two really awesome Etsy shops to make this happen! The giveaway will include the adorable hair ties (see right) from Built By Besties and jewelry from Blue Lotus Studios (pictures of the actual piece coming soon)  along with candy and some other goodies. I am super excited to be teaming up with both shops, but if you absolutely can’t wait or take your chances on the giveaway, feel free to shop around.

A little about both shops…

Built By Besties is run by two sister-in-laws and, like me, is also based in Texas! Their shop carries a wide hair ties 2variety of hair ties that are cute, trendy, and also make perfect party favors. The cards the hair ties come  on are customizable, so adding a sweet note is easy! Their designs are everything from volleyballs to arrows and I’ve linked two of my favorite patterns here and here.

Blue Lotus Studios is located in Asheville, North Carolina (my home state!) and just like the city, the pieces are one of a kind. The shop is ran by Jennifer Suess, whose gypsy soul and whimsical style are reflected in the gemstone jewelry she creates. Her inspiration comes from music, her travels, and the giveaway 1stunning scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains around her home- studio. As soon as I stumbled upon her Instagram I fell in love with her bohemian, unique designs and I cannot wait for everyone to see what she comes up with for this giveaway and I will be incredibly jealous of whoever gets to sport her designs.

I hope everyone is excited as I am about this giveaway! More information and pictures are to come, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss this killer opportunity!


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