Don’t ‘Snooze’ on San Antonio’s latest brunch spot

Like anyone else in San Antonio, I am always fired up about an Colorado based ANYTHING coming down to us because more often than not…it’s gonna be great. That is especially true for Snooze, which opened up one month ago and is located at the Quarry.

Walking in, right away I noticed the hipster vibe this place was going for and achieving. The uniforms were very laid back, one of the hostesses even had on denim cutoffs, and the dΓ©cor was contemporary and fun, yet minimalist in it’s overall design. There was a large bar slightly separated from a collection of normal booths, tables, and round booths up the center aisle. Thanks to two big garage-style doors and plenty of windows, there was plenty of natural light and a patio area that was lightly covered. If you go in tired- be warned- loud music plays and while it doesn’t make talking that difficult, it isn’t a bring your laptop and study type of place (and I would steer clear of taking Grandma, too). Our wait was an hour and forty five minutes, but it wasn’t too bad because the Quarry is filled with shops and the wait list is text based (meaning you can wander off), so the time passed quickly. However, you might want to bring a snack if you think you’ll be starving because I guarantee you will have a wait.

Snooze is famous for their pancakes, eggs benedict, and hash browns. So, we ordered a Pancake Flight (comes with three pancake flavors of your choice; we got the pancake of snooze2the day, sweet potato, and O.M.G. French Toast), Quinoa Bowl, and the Molten Chocolate Pancakes, along with a side of hash browns.

My main dish was the Quinoa Bowl, which includes an egg on top of quinoa with a mixed in vegetable ratatouille and kale. Mine actually came out with spinach, but I prefer that, so I’m not exactly complaining. The quinoa was perfectly cooked and all of the vegetables tasted fresh- the egg on top and the goat cheese pushed it right over the line from good to great. I ordered the hash browns on the side, which come perfectly snooze 1cooked in a perfect circle shape. If you think you don’t like hash browns, it’s probably because you’ve only had them from Hip, where you get a crusty string of burnt potatoes. OKAY, a bit harsh, but still. This hash brown was savory, perfectly cooked, and crisp on top but nice and soft on the inside. All together, this dish was light and protein packed, but tasty enough that you don’t feel like you’re missing out by not getting something sweeter. It’s an awesome option for those looking to stay on the healthier side.

I’m not going to lie though- the pancakes were amazing. I’m a pretty harsh pancake critic because I often compare pancakes to Magnolia’s Pancake Haus, but these stood on their own as a melt in your mouth breakfast. They were fluffy and thick, but had the cake texture that is all to often disregarded and results in a flat, leather-like meal. The sweet potato pancake had a nice balance of flavor and even with caramel sauce and candied pecans (which I could eat by themselves), the sweetness wasn’t overpowering by any snooze 3means. The Molten Chocolate Pancakes not only looked (and sounded) amazing, but they were decadent and flavorful. While I am a self proclaimed chocoholic, I don’t think I could eat a full order of these, although the chocolate fondue filling is tempting, so I recommend ordering this within the Pancake Flight deal- especially if you aren’t sure how you feel about having chocolate for breakfast. I, however, thought they were the ultimate way to experience two of my favorite things- pancakes and chocolate (did I say that already?).

The O.M.G. French Toast should not be overlooked, though. The brioche bread was thick, silky, and buttery- the way French toast should be done. Stuffing it with mascarpone and topping it with toasted coconut, salted caramel, strawberries, AND vanilla crΓ¨me made it heavenly and an unfair competition to any French toast that comes after it. This one had me reaching over the table to get one more bite…

Overall, Snooze has a unique atmosphere, exciting menu, and awesome food that is well worth the wait. Don’t let the loud music deter you either, because once you get your food, your table will be dead silent from everyone chowing down. I definitely recommend it as your next brunch spot- and you might see me there ordering the French toast again!


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