One week of journaling prompts

Hello everyone happy Sunday! I hope this week has already found you off to a great start, but to help keep the positive vibes flowing, I’ve listed seven journaling prompts below. I am pretty new to journaling although I’ve had several over the years, but my journal now is a big mix of bullet journaling and your basic thoughts/feelings/dreams journal. Over the past few months journaling has really been an activity of relaxation and reflection for me, so if you want to get some new ideas then keep reading!

Sunday: Goals for the week

Whether you’re really terrible at keeping a planner (like me, oops!) or just want to lay down a foundation for your upcoming week, jotting down your goals is a good way to start off on a positive note. These goals can be anything from calling a friend to finishing an importantΒ project- no goal is too big or small! Starting off my week with a list of things I want to accomplish also has helped me time manage and get more of them done, which is always a plus.

Monday: Ten things that make you happy

Mondays absolutely suck- there’s no way around it- but what better way to beat the Monday blues than to make a list of things that totally don’t suck? I’ve made this list a couple of times, but strawberries, my puppies, and Netflix make the list every time! This is just a really quick prompt you can do before bed or on break and really have fun with and doodle all around the page.

Tuesday: A list of things you HAVE

There’s a bunch of different ways to do this one, but basically what you’re creating is a list of the things you have to be grateful for. It’s a great way to ask yourself what’s enough- friends? Family? You can draw, you can make a list, you can really do anything, but Tuesday’s prompt is all about gratitude.

Wednesday: Five things you’re looking forward to

Wednesday is another one of those days because your week has either gone super fast and you’re excited for the weekend or your week has gone super slow and the weekend needs to seriously hurry up. So, just take a second to write down a few things you’re looking forward to- it’ll make them seem like they’re coming up a liiiiittle sooner.

Thursday: Favorite Quote

This is another fun and really quick one that won’t make journaling seem like a chore. If you need some inspiration, try checking Pinterest! Writing down my favorite quotes every so often has not only been a nice thing to look back on, but a neat way to work on making my handwriting neater and prettier.

Friday: Twenty things you love about yourself

Friday is all about self love! The weekend has arrived and there’s finally some free time (hopefully). I was pretty surprised when I tried this one and it actually took me longer than I thought it would to come up with twenty things, but it made me reflect and give myself some positive affirmations! I tried to focus mainly on personality and skills, but I couldn’t help myself and threw a couple of compliments in there too about my hair and all that- which is good! This prompt is all about being sweet on yourself πŸ˜‰

Saturday: Personal mantra

A personal mantra is a phrase you say and repeat to yourself to encourage, motivate, or remind yourself about how you want to live your life. If you couldn’t tell, mine is “Live you, live well.” For me, this just means that if I am doing what I need and want to do and stay true to my own path, then I will live a happy life. I think that finishing the week’s worth of prompts with this one is really cool because you get to bring it into your upcoming week. If you can’t think of one, try looking back at the journal entries you’ve done and getting some inspiration.

I hope you found this list helpful, if you would like to subscribe/follow, you can do so aaallll the way at the bottom of this page! I also have made an Instagram for this blog if you would rather find updates on there and you can follow that @liveyoulivewell.



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