Thought bubble: New Year’s resolutions

A new year is a bigger deal to some people than others, but towards the end of December (and often right after eating too much at the holiday table) there’s one question more popular than any other: what’s your New Year’s resolution? The most popular response is usually “to get healthy” or “to get thin”, however promises to spend less money or spend more time with family and friends are not uncommon.

This year has been different. I’ve heard more and more people invalidate the entire idea of these resolutions, with the token line: “I’m just going to give up anyway.”

To me this just seems like you’re starting your entire year already giving up. To start without a goal is like handing a burglar the key, address, and list of most valuable items in your house. To start without any ideas is robbing yourself of the hope a new year is supposed to bring.

Some years suck. Years are long! Death can happen, heartbreak can happen, and hardships can and will happen. However, not letting yourself see potential in the upcoming new months can hold you into a dark place.

Not every New Year’s resolution is going to be kept- they don’t have to be! All they have to be is something that drives you and inspires you to keep improving yourself. They can change, too. In fact, I’ve already changed mine a few times, and it’s still January. Resolutions can be as small or as big as you want! Resolutions don’t even have to be publicly proclaimed. Sometimes sharing your resolution is too personal or makes you feel bullied into keeping it to the point that they aren’t fun anymore and that’s the opposite of what you want! They can just be for you and within you. A promise and a hope that in the new year you will keep growing, keep learning, keep loving, and keep enduring.



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